Learn about animals and see how important they are.

Animals are very important to the world. You don't belive me do you? But they are. For exampel bat's,Bat can's have seed's so they help the Jungel and Rain forest. Heyena's. Do you know the Lion king? The heyena's in there, WELL THAT'S JUST A BIG FAKE! YA THAT'S RIGHT FAKE, F-A-K-E FAKE! Because Heyenas help us, actuly the world! Because with out heyenas(and vultures) clean the place by eating the dead animals around.

The purpose of you to read this is to teach you that Animals are important to the world. Hunter's are bad because they kill animals! Just to take fur,meat,horns or Tusk and head's or body part's. AND SHAME ON YOU IF YOU WAN'T TO BE A HUNTER. Well it is your choise... Save animals or extinc them.

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