WEB PAGES-These are 2003-04 6th Grade Web Pages (Home Pages)

NOTE: Our 6th graders lost 2 full weeks of web site development. We are very proud of the work they did in the short days they had developing these web pages. However, please note that the pages are quite simple compared to others developed by students who had the full 3 weeks to develop their web pages. --Mr. Welch

Other helpful links: RGB Colors or RGB Colors2 or a Cool RGB Color calculator

928821-B Wis
933754-A Ald
933764-B Bor
933765-S Bow
933773-T Erd
933776-H FRI
933779-G Gro
933785-C Hor
933787-B Jol
933789-B Joh
933791-T Joh
933795-E Kno
933796-J Lew
933805-A Mur
933806-W Mor
933807-M Nel
933812-E Pin
933818-K Rus
933819-S San
933822-J Smi
933829-T Win
933911-T All
933913-K Anh
933914-H Atk
933915-P Alm
933916-K Bro
933918-B Boy
933919-T Bak
933971-C Cle
933973-A Chr
933975-C Cle
933976-K Cok
933981-B Ram
933987-J Eyr
933990-K For
933992-C Goo
933994-J Key
934003-H Kel
934005-L Hai
934008-B Har
934013-D Ket
934040-P Cut
934042-M Lue
934045-K McR
934047-C Mad
934060-K Ols
934063-S Ott
934078-E Cho
934080-A Par
934082-I Pay
934096-C Ryt
934097-P Rog
934100-P San
934103-S San
934108-R Cla
934113-A See
934114-D Sis
934120-T Tho
934121-J Wag
934123-B Wee
934127-T Wig
934128-E And
934133-W Wri
934137-J Ada
934141-L Gle
934143-J Tho
934146-C Bir
934152-C Bir
934156-S Bar
934157-J Bud
934161-W Hal
934165-R Lau
934166-R Shi
934167-R Lar
934168-J Lar
934178-N Mer
934180-D McA
934181-T Mon
934182-M Myl
934183-M McA
934189-K Pot
934197-J Ric
934198-A Rit
934199-T Rei
934202-J Sla
934203-K Soe
934204-K Soe
934222-B Tho
934223-K McK
934350-K Gri
934352-S Voz
934700-K Lam
934911-A ELL
934964-Z Shu
935019-K Lon
935235-A Had
935251-J Mon
935268-K Ste
935468-B Fow
935710-C Tre
935736-C Cla
935758-H Han
935770-S HUN
935775-J Kru
935777-A LeB
936000-S Joh
936111-B Con
936129-B Hil
936175-K ECH
936202-D Ree
936211-M Wil
936327-C Tay
936547-A Pri
936688-H All
937357-K Esp
937473-S Ogl
937608-J Gun
937789-B Pet
938118-K Egg
938499-T Geb
938613-Z ROB
938632-T Oli
938637-K Har
938702-K Kel
940250-D Sto
940854-K Wyl
940917-D Dow
941563-N Sor
945196-E Hea
945232-A Har
945319-D Rup
945349-H Wil
946470-B Lan
947090-D Ear
948029-O Chr
948341-J Fun
952776-K Ost
954950-B Har
960263-E Don
960384-L Mab
960402-C Kea
978658-P Sil
979319-B Nav
985558-T Ben
987751-C Chr
988276-L HUA