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Girls find Alacazoo!

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A couple of years ago, two young girls discovered Alacazoo. Their names are being kept secret for certain reasons.
When they found Alacazoo, they were in complete shock, and then they became Presidents of Alacazoo.
Recently, the Presidents of Alacazoo made a pledge of allegience, have named the national animal the hippo and made the national fish the shrimp. The national food is also candy.
The pledge is an odd pledge, but very unique. You put your right hand on your head, and your left hand on your left cheek, and you recite the pledge.
The pledge is: Alacazoo we love you, as much as we love each other.
Currently, there are only three people residing in Alacazoo. The Presidents and their lowly secretary.

Our second biggest news today is the story of a girl trying to save the monkeys. When she heard that the monkeys were being expirimented on, she began to rebel against it.
One thing this amazing girl told us was that baby chimps were being shipped on airplanes to our expirimental facilities. She didn't think this was fair. She told us how half of the monkeys died on their way to the facilities.
In our interview with this girl, she told us that monkeys, no matter how primitive they may look and be, are living creatures, and all things deserve to live a fair and healthy life.

A boy was trying to warm himself up on a scout campout, roasting a sausage. Shivering, he continued to roast his sausage, his eyelids drooping in fatigue.
And then came the call. "You're on fire!"
"You're on fire!"
"That's nice,"

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