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Ducks, and ostriches rule!

When the duck was 2 years old, he left his lips out in the cold. They turned blue. What could he do? On the day the ostrich got its teeth, it had to kiss its great Aunt Keeth. She had a beard, and it felt weird. Ten days after they both turned 8, they got their lips stuck in a gate. Their friends all laughed. And they just stood there until the fire department came and broke the lock with a crobar and they had to spend the next 6 weeks in a lip rehab with this ferret named Oscar, who got stung my a bee right on the lip and they couldnt even talk to eachother until the 5th week cause their lips were soo swollen, and when they did start speaking, Oscar only knew polish and the ostritch and duck only knew 3 words in polish, but now they know 4 cause Oscar taught them the word for lip...Ushta!
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