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Having to buy a 10$ bracelet is so anoying why not just make your own.

Are you ready to make anklets?

This is what you'll need





5.Super Glue

First you need to cut string at least two inches longer than your ancle is. Instead of tying a knot you put it a piece of tape on the end of your string. Next you put the beads in any order you want until you have it as long as your ankel, if you want to have any flowers like the picture you need to put it in the middle or were ever you want. If you tied it long enough you will be able to put a piece of tape at the end and tie a knot. To keep the knot from coming undone you put super glue on the knot. I recomend having clasps instead of just stetchy string. If you want to have a clasp you tie a knot to the clasp and then super glue it. Have a great time makeing anklets.