*** This is one of the ship's called the USS VOYAGER!***

***This web page is about some of the mission's in 'THE SPACE CENTER'. Some of you youngn's have never been to the Space Center (some of you). There are many missions, but very little ship's. The name's of the ship'a are USS VOYEGER, USS ODYSSEY, USS GALLILEO MARK 5, DSS MAGELLEN, USS FALCON, and coming this summer is USS PHENIX ( if you want to know more about the Ship's then click on the Ship's button)! You are in the 24th cetury, there is a federation. It is called 'The Federation of Planets'. Some plantes have joined 'The Federation of Planets' and the federation like's to have new planets join in. Some times some people don't wan't planets to join. You may have to go and save the planet, but maybe you won't, you may have to capture some ginetic mutated experiment that can eat through steal! Or you may have to save your captin from evil Orion pirates! Which ever mission you get it is different from the rest. ***

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