Darth Sinistras home page

This is Anakin Skywalker He is my insperation in all my Sith doings.

This is my apprentice named Darth Siphon.

This is me with a green lightsaber I stole from a Jedi.

This is my lightsaber.

This is my little brother if you mess with him............

This is my cat i trained him to snipe people.... hehehehe!!!!
This is my other cat.......... I have a hunch hes possessed by the devil.................
This is the life!!!

Naughty Naughty!

Im a good baby sitter i promise!

Told ya im good!

Bye Bye!

Red Neck swimming

My idea of baby food!

Im confused...........

My little brothers CLONE!!!

Big trouble.........

I think this sqwirrel is on steriods..........
Here is Anakin in "Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith" once he turns to the dark side.

These are some lessons I have learned in my many years of Sith, Never Give Up, Never Surrender, and all Jedi will die a painful Death.

And one more thing, Take Or Be Taken.

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