Hello, world!

Do you like dinosaurs?
Can you guess what my favorite dinosaur is?
I will give you a couple of hints.
It is the king of the dinosaurs.
And one of the meanest.
It's a Meat Eater.
He has a mighy Roar.
He's so big a person would only come up to his knees.
He's as strong as a Bengal Tiger.
He eats other dinosaurs, he will even attack a big Daddy Trysaratops.
My favorite is Tyranosaurus Rex

Another dinosaur I like is the Alosaurus. His prey is a big Diplotacis. This dinosaur is a long neck and is a plant eater.
The Alosaurus will attack the Diplotacis, and it will bleed and die. He attacks this dinosaur because, its his favorite thing to eat.
Another dinosaur I like is Albertosaurus. Sometimes the Albertosaurus will eat eggs like a Strufiomimus.
Dinosaurs were on the earth Millions and Millons of years ago. But the dinosaurs are Extint.
This is because of an Earth Quake that rumbled the earth, causing all the dinosaurs to die.
I think that dinosaurs are really neat and I love to learn about them.
I know alot but I am interested in learning even more. Thanks for visiting my web site.