Hello, world!
I like to hike and see the view of stuff. Do you like to do that?
Do you like to play soccer? Soccor is my favorite sport.
Do you also like to do art? I do a little. But it's okey.
My favorite animals are bunnies, birds, and dogs. What animals do you like?
I will tell you a little bit about birds.
1. When you get a bird make sure you have all the stuff.
2. You need a cage.
3. Get the food and the treats.
4. Clean the cage when it smells bad.
I will also tell you about bunnies. 1. you need a cage ir you can let it fun aroud the back yard if you have a fence aroud.
2. Bring it in before dark if you let it run around.
3. get food and a cage.
4.Also clean the cage when it smells bad.