Hello, world!

I got a lot of candy on Halloween. But don't worry I forgot to brush my teeth.

I love football, my favorite football team is the Philidelphia Eagles. I like the players
Lito Sheppard ,
Brian Dawkins,
Chad Lewis.
Out of all those players I like Chad Lewis the most. I want to play on their team when I grow up. As you can see I Love FOOTBALL
Click here to go to Philadelphia Eagles.com I hope I get drafted to the Eagles when I grow up. If you like funny things Click here to go to a really funny web site called stupidvideos.com When you get there go to search and search for a movie called "bear fight"

Oh ya this is MY FIRST WEB PAGE NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like to play video games on the internet click here to go to a site called battleon.com with a game called adventure quest