cllick here to learn some of the things I like and don't like and also pictures.

I am an aunt to 3 nieces and 3 nephews.

I am a goalie for a soccer team. I really like soccer and I like to do gymnastics.

I have a pretty big family. I ate candy from Halloween!! That was really random! Of course that is how I am.

OH yes anyone can make the world a better place by smiling. I smile all the time, CHEESE!!

I really like dogs!!! I had one when I was little. The dog I had was a dalmation. Her name was Spot. She had puppies and I was only 3 and they ate my shoe, (well chewed it up.) We only got to keep one because we sold all the rest. The one we had was named Oreo. The one I wanted to keep was named Dipstick. He had black around his eye and he had a huge spot on his back, and he was very clumsy. How clumsy? Really clumsy!!! He fell in mud alot!!

Some other thing I like are cartoons. I like making seens alot! Some things I don't like would be boys. Well, except for my family. Also Ido not like nasty foods such as tomatos, and pasta, I am really picky! Who isn't? Well you better have enjoyed that web page, this is 956667 speaking. F.Y.I Oh yes I really like to do math. Oh I chose to do blue because my math book is blue.

I really like frogs and turtles.I really like the pictures of them, here are some. Click here to see a funny web site.