Hello, World!
This is me and it is MY first web page and NOT your's! HA HA HA in your face! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA... BLAH. Oh yeah, by the way, DON'T I said DON'T even think about reading BEEEEEEEP's web page 'cause your head will explode if you read the first word. By the way, I'm part of the S.W.A.T. team so don't even think about insulting me because if you do, I will swat you with my human swatter (fly swatter). I also like smelly socks because they are tasty. Oh yeah, did I tell you about the time that I got run over by a truck and then I grew wings and flew to the top of mt. Everest then I jumped off and didn't die because I suddenly stopped because I died. Heck is burning. I have a motorcycle and it is 73295732985 feet tall. I can fly.
I do NOT like your mom!

I do NOT like your face!

I do NOT like your mom's face!

Oh yea, by the way

dont be afraid

its okay....
just pet them
yum yumso great
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