Hello world!

     Three times seven is twenty-one and one plus one is two.

     Welcome to math class! One plus two is three, one plus three is four, one plus four is five, one plus five is six, one plus six is seven, one plus seven is eight, one plus eight is nine, one plus nine is ten!

      Do you know your math? Well then come to math class! We have already done the addition part, now for the subtraction!

     Ten take away one is nine, nine take away one is eight, eight take away one is seven, seven take away one is six, six take away one is five, five take away one is four, four take away one is three, three take away one is two, two take away one is one. Even though there is no such thing as subtraction, we still need to know it, kind of.

      Our next lesson is on multiplucation. One times one is one, one times two is two, one times anything is itself! Lets try.....................sevens multiplucation tables!! One times seven is seven, two times seven is fourteen, three times seven is twenty-one, four times seven is twenty-eight, five times seven is thrty-five, six times seven is forty-two, seven times seven is forty-nine, eight times seven is fifty-six, nine times seven is sixty-three, seven times ten is seventy!!!!!!!!

Now we do division.......wait, later we do division, math class is dis mised!!! Now I will tell you about MY preaka.