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Listen up!!! Hippo's are so cool! So in this web page get ready to be hipp-a-fid! We are going to talk about how cool they are and don't let people tell you they aren't cool cause they are!! We wil talk about the way they look and how cute they are! Also they're traits. (And they're cute little ears!) Alright let's get started!!!

They like to fight, so for your safety . . . . stay away! They are not very nice. but they look nice. I wish they were nice cause they are cute so it is a bummer! Hippo's are really awsome. They are just one of those animals that is funny, cute, and you want them to be nice but they just aren't.

You can see them at zoo's wich is nice, so it's not like you can never see them. Just go to your local zoo. They live in the wild also. Like in Africa in swampy areas, lakes, or rivers. Unless you are going to Africa I think you should just go to the zoo, but whatever

Hippo's are really strong they can bite a alagator in half!!! That is really strong! They are quit fat, but you would be surprised to see how fast they can run. So don't get one of them to have a race with you, because they would win and they might eat you for there prize!! I'm not sure if they will eat you but all I know is they will win the race!!

They like the water. They can just swim happly.

I wouldn't blame them it can get hot sometimes so it's nice to be cool.

You might ask yourself. . . are hoppo's mammals, well I will tell you they are mammals. Very large ones but they are! They might remind you of an old grandma well because . . . they have a large head, folds in there skin, gray skin, pink belly, and short stumpy legs!

Well I hope you now know how I feel about hippo's and I hope you like them because I LOVE THEM!!!

Alright that's all for now but if you are interested in my web page come checkout these ones:
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Okay that's all for now!! BYE!!!!


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