Hello there, nifty world!

Who is louie? Well LOUIE is a LLAMA! I know you are just dying to see a sweet website bout llammas! Here ya go, just click on this link!

Why are there 2 L's in llama you ask? I'm not really sure to be exact. yea definitely not sure. hmmm personally... I think there should only be like uh...1. well maybe I should figure that out. or uh maybe you should. yep indeed that would be the case! ;) Well I most definitely LOVE llama's...so do my two buddies, Down Dino and Sushi!I also really really love cows. They are wonderful. The 2 best things about cows are that they say moo and they are black and white!

Oh by the way here is a pretty crazy website you should check out!

OMG!!! I am also very much in love with the twilight series! Holy cow....no lie! The movie wasnt very good but...it wasnt horrible. I think they should have found a better actress for Bella. Like, i'm glad she wasnt a familiar actress er anything and that is how I pictured her, but she acted to tough to be Bella. Edward on the other hand....PERFECT! Ha-ha and my friend, Flee, bought me a Twilight calender for my b-day! WOO!

Also, here is a link to Stephenie Meyers web page! Click here!

And here is a link to my buddy, Flee's, webpage! (she bought me the calendar) you should go see it...its neat.

BY THE WAY!!!! I LoVe....DANCE! I am on a hip hop team and its freakin neato tilito (dorito in the dip gotta go to the store gotta pick up some frito's....etc. -inside joke!) and uh ya i'm also in jazz and ballroom!
Oh and here is a pic of CHRIS BROWN!