Hello world!

i like bagels, i like pizza, i like Italy! ABRACADABRA!!! I just roasted a peice of licorice i am probably the first and only person to do so but unique people succeed so keep up your coolness and keep on rocking the whole universe, why am i still talking?! Oh well! the person that sits next to me is named walnut she can't have her name capitalized because she is the queen so her real name is Queen Walnut! I have a friend that likes purple monkeys!
Here is a webpage of hers!

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This is another one of my best friends sites!
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Oh and my new favorite word is schutzuwakamutzu! isn't that nice! i think so! by the way i don't know why this is called the pretty n' pink page because my favorite color is orange. My favorite place to eat is wendys. I like there chicken sandwhiches, do you? Well, since you can't talk back i will take that as a yes, okay? okay.
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I have been working with pastels for 4 years. I have done pictures of dancers, polar bears, ice cream, etc. I love pastels!!!
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