Hello big World

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shoelaces are a very nice thing to have. They are very handy-dandy just like the handy-dandy notebook off of BluesClues. Do you like shoelaces? Shoelaces are so sweet you can even buy cool ones!!! I also like llamas that wear shoelaces... for christmas i want shoelaces with a llama on them. i know a llama that wears shoelaces with cows on them tee hee jk. Cows are also very very cool if they arent black with white faces because those ones are scary when they moo at you. I don't really like cows. Here is a picture of a scary cow.
click on this cow to see another awesome pic
...Now back to llamas and shoelaces, they are both waaaayyyy cool so i'll show you a picture of them

Now you know how cool llamas and shoelaces are, and how weird and scary cows can be. Dinosaurs are also super cool so here is a picture of one

Click here to see my friends web page...she likes llamas and dinosaurs to.
one more cool thing is PEACE! peace is so cool!

This is a picure of my friends and me!!!!

HAHA well kinda!Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, and Jade...They are really Bratz(barbies)!!! Click here to see a website where you can have fun just like my friends and I do.

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