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I am gonna tell you what i like. I am gonna talk about school, sports and my family and friends.BUT first, I'm gonna show you links to some of my favorite websites.
Here is my FREAKY page. LOL
Here is a link with lots of different cool links.
I like school. I think school is really fun. I dont know about you but i enjoy coming to school. I'm really hoping to get a scholar ship to a good school and graduate from college. My older sister told me that when or if i graduate from college she will take me anywhere that i want, (well that she can afford at the time). I'm not sure what i want to get a degree in. I'm thinking of either a lawyer or a Hair stylist (two totally different things, i know haha).

I like sports. there are certain sports i like to play and some i like to watch. There are two sports that i like to watch and play, and those are Dance, snowboarding and swimming. I also really like these...
Volley ball
Soft ball
Steal the flag
Night games
Ones that i like to watch..
foot ball

Finally, I l@ve my Family and friends. I like spending time with both my family and friends. # In my family I've got 3 brothers and 1 sister.