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Hello Big World of People go utes.

Let me tell you the video games that you should buy: Need for Speed Carbon, Rockband, Gears of War,Halo, Call of Duty 4, and World of Warcraft. these are som of the coolest games I have ever played.

my favorit is halo obviously To get these games you will need: PS3, Xbox,(if you don't know what it is here is a picture

click to go to the xbox web page. xbox360

and the original xbox

and a Pc.

do you love videogames, I hope you do. video games can be good and bad. the rated m games are Halo, and Gears of War. Call of Duty might be rated m but I am not sure. you should get the coolest called rockband 1 and 2.

my favorite brand is xbox and there are alot of excesoris. here are my favorite: If you play halo you should know the name of the halo person. I have made it through half of halo2. In halo three the best weapon is the hammer and the energy sword. my favorit is the hammer. the best stage to go to in halo three is narrows. The best place to find the hammer is sand dunes (i don't know what it is called). the main halo character is called master cheif. he is a what is called a spartan. his main weapons are an smg and the pistol. he also carries 2 of three different types of grenades. first, the frag. second, the plasma. third, the spike. it is so much fun when you stick an enemy with a plasma or a spike. i just love halo. did you know that they ar making another halo calle halo3 odst? to learn more go to
go halo

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Oh and I forgot to mension that I like paintball.