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Cats are amazing creatures.

Though they may seem ignorant they are not. I love cats very much. I have had at least 20 cats in my life. I have had persians, siamese and many more kinds. I can recall many cat names from my past. such as: Fussy, Tigerlily, Calamity, Tinkerbelle, Tigger, and Stardust.

I hope you like cats, if you don't I'll be sad.

Cats are the smartest animals next to monkeys chimps gorillas, and humans.

In ancient Egypt, people worshiped cats. They worshiped them because their eyes, looked like sun rays. Egyptians shaved their eyebrows to mourn, because they lost a beloved cat.

That must mean cats are great....things.

Cats are very loyal to their owners. They are kind, if you are kind.

Here are some facts. There are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world. Why not get a cat?

25% cat owners blow dry cats hair, I'm not sure cats like that.

Cats can sense moods. If your in a bad mood, you cat's in a bad mood.

The most mice killed by one cat was, 28,899!! Thats crazy!!

Cats can see in red and green.

Kittens begin dreaming when they are one week.

95% of cat owners, admitt they talk to their cats

Cats are the most sleepiest mammals. They sleep 16 hours everyday. That means a seven year old cat has only been awake two years of its life!!

A cat will spend 30% of its life grooming itsef.

It has been proven that stroking a cat, can lower one's blood pressure!!

If a cat snores or rolls on it's bace and exposes its belly, it mean it trusts you! Cats respond better to women than men. This is way usually a cat is refered to as a girl.

The cat is the only domestic animal not mentioned in the bible.

The heaviest cat ever was 46 pounds.

Cats are the only animals in the world who walk on their claws rather than the pads of their feet.

A cat is unable to taste sweet.

Cats have the largest eyes than any mammal.

Cats are the only animals that purr.