Hello Big World!

HIME is an operation that I have made up to steal the cookies back out of my cookie jar that my brother hid from me. I have set up strings and other things that will help me get them.(Ha, ha, ha!) My brother keeps his door locked so I put a little thread thru the door. It has a hook on the end that is connected to a bucket which hits my cookie jar, that hits a tramp that goes on the bed.(click here if you want to see what is awesome!)) Then I sneak in through the window and get my cookie jar back. Hopefully he didn't eat the cookies!!

(Ps. the reason I didn't just go thru the window in the first place is because I like to make things complicate things, thats just the kind of person I am.)(sorry to bother you but, if you click here your life will change)And remember your brothers are your friends in most situations so don't be bad and have a good life!!!!

(:-D +7Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaaa!Click the picture yes!

cough, cough Humph, that just ruined it.
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