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This page is about Reggie Bush and Jay Cutler
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So many people say Reggie Bush is bad. when they say that I think how did he win a heisman, how did he get into the NFL, and how is he the best punt returner in the nation.

Other people say Jay Cutler is bad too. but he is on the top 5 best passers in the nation.

Reggie bush is the best punt returner in the nation and he was out for four weeks witch means he is really good at punt returns. he also had the most reciving yards for a while and he is a running back! He is on the top ten list in touchdowns(dosn't include QuaterBacks)! click here to see Reggie Bushes stats. Jay Cutler is on the top 5 passer list and has about 4000 yards and has over 20 TDs in 2008-2009. Click here to see Jay Cutlers stats. click here to see another sports page. If you want to see another page by me click here.

The reason why reggie got drafted in the NFL was because he is amazing at punt returning. Reggie's first NFL TD was a punt return.

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