Hello world

The purpose of this webpage is to let evertone no what I like. I like three things soccer, ballroom and Halloween.

First I like soccer. Soccer is great. I LOVE IT My dad choaches my team. He is a really good coach. I play for a team called the STING!Here are some of my team players are

  • Josh Hou
  • Josh A.
  • Josh Hob.
  • Tyler
  • Dean
  • Javier and so on.

    The second thing I like is ballroom!!!! I have a really nice partner. Her name is Obrey. The dances I know are swing, cha-cha, samba, and waltz.I take a school ballroom program and a BYU formation team. BALLROOM ROCKS!!!!

    The last thing I like is HALLOWEEN I love halloween. Basicly I just like being scared and scaring things. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

    But out of these three things I think I like SOCCER the most. My favorite player plays for Barcelona. His name is LEO MESSI. His number is nineteen. Here s a picture of him.

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