Hello world!
The purpose of this webpage is to let everyone know what I like. I like cats, luxury, and babies.
First, I love cats. I have two, and they are cuter than cute. One is Hazel, and she's a little more than plump. She's sweet and calm, but she loves to play with her catnip mouse and ribbons. Her full name is Hazel Juliette, but she has a lot of pet names. The younger one, Fancy , fits her name, she, like me, loves being pampered. My room is hers, and she is free to play with anything and everything to her hearts content. Fancy is a frisky, but sweet siamese. Her full name is Fancy Fandango Bushwacker Pink. Bushwacker, because my dad found her as a kitten in a bush, Pink, because of her nose, Fancy, because, she's, well... fancy. Don't even ask about Fandango.

Second, I like luxury. Don't you just love the feeling when you walk into this fancy place, with curtains and window seats, and chandeliers, like you shouldn't even touch the rug in the mud room? I LOVE it! Plans for my future estate are well underway, complete with library, sun room, theater, ballroom, parlor, just to name a few.

FYI:the picture above is of a bus:)

Finally, I love babies! They are so cute! I want to have lots when I'm married and living in my mansion. Never mind about teenagers, unless they are like my sister. Anyways, my favorite baby names are:

  • Gloria,
  • Grace,
  • Faith,
  • Eric,
  • Sophia,
  • McKay,
  • Hayden

    That's what i like!

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