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Hello World!

The purpose of this web page is to let every one know what i like.I like art, sports, and medical studys.

I like art. It is one of my favorite subjects. It is very interesting to me because it is expressial.It can show what i like to look at or what i am feeling.

Second i like sports My favorite sport is basketball, but i really like these spoets,too.
steal the flag
night games!

And last I like meidcal studys. I might see someone i know there plus i get a ton of cash. I would also save lifes and i would be busy but it's worth it. And it would be good for me since i already know so much about it.

I also like dogs. I have my own dog named shep he kind of looks likes this:

He is very diciplane and loves to play tug-of-war. He is perfect to me and I wouldn't have him anyway else than what he is now.

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