These are some really cool links. Click on the purple or blue words. I have reports and pages and game sites. The games are so fun I play them all the time! There are also really cool pages that get your attention.

Let me tell you a little about my self

1. Here are the places I have been, 2. These are the things I like!, 3. Here is a home made website, MY 4. COOL VIDEOS, 5. My Future Page

Here are my really cool friends pages/reports

Miriam Li's Page, Lexi Baxter's Page, Caleb Peterson's Page, Brenan Benson's Page, Kaden Eyre's Page, Darcy Glover's Page, Tatiana Jenson's Page, Kacie Reece's Page, Kylee Light's Report, Kaden Light's Report

Here are some really cool game sites

Webkinz, Random Games, Club Penguin, Runescape, Wizard 101, Animal Jam, Random Girls Games

Toon Town, Fun Sand, Disney


Justin Bieber

By Haley Teasdale :)

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