I know you came to see horses, but I want to show you an alligator!

Lets start out with some links to other pages of mine. I know you can't get a preview on it, but you just have to look at them. Trust me, they will not be a waste of your time.

So here is my real webpage. Click here
Here is the one we did in class as a practice thing. Click here
Now here is a page made ecspecially for horse pictures. Click here
Now for my next page for you. Just stare at it as long as you can. Click here
Click Here for a class page type thingy
Now for a link for some peace.Click here
Click here to listen to music
Click here to look at some good ice cream!!
CLICK here for my top 3 fav. BYU players

Here are links to some usefull websites:


Click here to got to my friends page