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Visits Counter I really like to eat chocolate. It is good for you. I really like dark chocolate. I also like to eat frownies, peach cobbler, and ice cream. I like the burnt almond fudge kind of ice cream. Do you? I also like to eat frownies, which are my sister's way of making brownies, BUT BETTER!!!!! My other sister makes really good mint brownies. They are DELISH! I really like to eat pumpkin bars. My sis also makes those. They are delicious! I also like to eat chocolate covered strawberries. My oldest sis makes those. She does white chocolate, and semi-sweet. Do you like to eat yummy stuff? I LOVE to! I love my sis for making me those yummy stuffs. My other sis makes the most delicioso mint chocolate brownies. They are sooooooooo great and awesome and truly spedid. My other sis does Easy Bake with me. Now, it may seem like I have lots of sisters, but I do.

Here are some of my favorite treats, but in a picture.

I LOVE burnt almond fudge:)

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