Did you know that there are 220,000 Navajos in the U.S.? They have cool history and they eat cool. They do some cool stuff today too.  They are the second largest tribe. Son feed the tribe. But dad there’s 220,00 people!!


       The Navajos have the sweetest history. Did you know the Navajos lived in the upper Chama Rivers? They also lived on M.T. Taylor. They lived in scattered tents instead of villages. They lived on land as big as West Virginia. They lived out side of the fort. They lived in Arizona. It’s really hot there. Let’s make eggs nope hunny the ovens down. Well we’ll have to fry them outside.                                   








The Navajos ate some pretty weird stuff like seeds and roots. They ate flat fried bread. They ate all the parts of the sheep. They ate dried corn. And they also ate corn soup. And they ate garbanzo soup. Corn my favorite. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I’m done.






They call themselves dine. That’s a pretty weird name. They will be the wealthiest tribe. They are 2nd largest largest tribe. The children still herd sheep. Different types of religions are practiced among the Navajo.

   Mom how much will I get for mowing the lawn. $50 son holy cow well were rich we can afford to pay you that much.