The Pueblo Indians have many traditions and an interesting diet. I am going to tell about their culture and life. 






The houses the Pueblo Indians live in are made of brick and adobe. They are made like apartments with lots of rooms stacked on top of each other. They also have big ladders going to the higher rooms.





The Pueblo community is divided into clans. Some of their names are the Corn Clan, the Turkey Clan, and the Turquoise Clan. The clans are self-governed.



The Pueblo Indians are known for making beautiful pots and baskets. Their pots have many cool designs but only use a few colors. Some Pueblo people make a living by making and selling their pottery.  






In the twelve hundreds a long period of drought affected the Pueblo Indians. The failing crops and lack of water caused the Pueblo people to move south.











The Pueblo Indians are a very religious people. They have ceremonies depending on the agricultural season.




In the past the Pueblo Indians diet was about 80 percent Indian corn. They also ate squash, beans, seeds, bread, and meat. They also eat a lot of fruit.



Today the Pueblo Indians are struggling to live because of unemployment, poor health, and bad schooling. They are struggling yet keeping to the traditions of their ancient ancestors.