Did you know that Hopi (Ho-pie) men made all of the clothes?  Unlike us the men are better at sewing than the women are.  The men even make the wedding clothes!  Instead of sewing the women are in charge of and own the land. Learn about the Hopi people by reading this report. Learn about there traditions, diet, beliefs, and Modern Hopi people.


        If you read this paragraph then you will learn about one of the things that the Hopi people believe in.  One of the things that the Hopi people believe in is that if they are good, than a space ship will come down and take them to a different planet like Mars.  For example, if a little boy were bad, the space ship would not come.  If a little girl were good, then the space ship would come and take her to a place like Disneyland.


        In this paragraph I will talk about a Hopi diet. A Hopi diet is different from ours.  They ate mammoth until they were extinct.  Now instead of mammoth they eat bison.  The Hopi people have always grown crops especially corn. Their nickname is ‘The Corn People’.


          If you want to know about some of the traditions then read this paragraph.  One of the Hopi traditions is that every year around August they have a sacred ceremony.  During the sacred ceremony they do a dance called ‘The Snake Dance’.  During the Snake Dance professional snake catchers participate in the dance with live snakes in their mouths.  I’ll bet at least one person got bit during the dance.  During the Snake Dance the medicine man also dances.


       This paragraph talks about the villages in the Hopi reservation in Arizona.  There are 11 villages in the Hopi reservation in Arizona. The oldest out of all of them and one of the oldest out of the United States is Oraibi.  I think it is about 800 years old.  That is older than the telephone.


         If you want learn about the modern Hopi people then keep on reading.  Modern Hopi people sell baskets so tight that they could fit water in them.  Some of the others things that they sell are pottery, silver jewelry, and Kichina dolls.  They make Kichina dolls representing messengers from the gods. I had fun learning about the Hopi Indians and all of the things that they like to do.