This report is on the Shoshone Indians. They were dessert Indians. They had some famous leaders. This report will teach you all about Shoshone Indians, it talks about history of the Shoshone Modern day Shoshone and their traditions.












In 1805 the Shoshone Indians had been continually robbed and killed by the Minatree Sioux and the Blackfeet. Who were armed with rifles from white traders. In nearly every battle with other tribes the Shoshone Indians would lose almost all their possessions. Then other tribal members would make them slaves and many would die. They lost so much because they only fought with bows and arrows.












       The Shoshone Indians bought horses from the Spaniards and became buffalo hunters. Many people know famous leaders of the Shoshone chieftains Pocatello and Wasake. In the 1800’s the Shoshone moved to new Indian reservations. In 2000 on the U.S. continent there were about 7,700 Shoshone Indians. Many now live as Ranchers Farmers in Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho and Utah.








       The Shoshone formed small family groups. These groups continuously moved from place to place in search of food. The Shoshone planned their journeys so they could collect each type of berry’s and fruit as it ripened. They returned to some of the same places each year for food. They spent most of their time singing, dancing, and telling stories when they were done collecting food for the winter.









Sacagawea was the Shoshone Indian women who helped the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805 1806. The expedition was an early exploration of the North Western United States.  Sacagawea’s name means Bird Women. Sacagawea joined the expedition when they were in North Dakota after Lewis and Clark had hired Sacagawea’s husband as an interpreter during the winter of 1804 and 1805