Have you ever had chestnut bread? If you haven’t you are going to love my report. Because the Cherokee had it all the time. Read more to find out about their history, the clothing they wore, and what the modern Indians are like today.


In 1838, in the U.S.A. 17,000 Cherokee Indians used to live in Oklahoma.  A well-known Indian was named Sepuayah.  They farmed and they hunted. They ate chestnut bread and beans.  The Cherokee Indians hunted deer, bear, and elk.  They also ate roots and plants.


The Cherokee Indian wore deerskin. They wore cloaks in the winter. And wore moccasins. The men wore pants. And the women wore dresses. They also wore cotton dyed clothing.



 This paragraph is about what the modern are like to day. The Cherokee is the largest tribe in the U.S.A. there are 280,000 Cherokee in the U.S.A. They hunted for buffalo for their skin. They hunt with arrows heads made stone, but flint was the best. They played a game of skill called Cherokee marbles. The Cherokee believe that herbs were put on this earth to heal people. Like people how are going to die. Or are really sick. And Indians that have dizzies.  



I like learning about their history and the clothing they wore. And they are really cool in the modern days.  The history of the Cherokee Indians was my favorite part of writing this report.