My report is on the Cherokee Indians. Did you know that the Cherokee’s were the biggest tribe in the U.S.? There were 2,8000 of them. My next few senses will be about there history were they lived and what they eat.

     There history is very interesting. Did you now that they invited aspirin? Their tribe animal is a rattlesnake. They went in to war in 1777. The tribe was so big they won! They spoke Iroquoi.

The Cherokee Indians lived in Oklahoma. Their homes were made out red clay. Some of them lived in T.P.’s. A nether name for a mud hut is a hobie. S

Some of them had rugs and wall hangings.

     They eat bean dumplings and chess nut bread. They hutted deer and bear. They also grow corn, pumpkin and squish.

     Iv had fun telling you all about the Cherokee lindens.