Do you eat all the dead parts of a sheep?  I haven’t but the Navajo (Na-va-ho) Indians do.  The Navajo tribe had an interesting history, traditions, and what they do today.


You will really like to here about their history.  The Navajo Indians were the first people the find the buffalo.  They also ate all the dead pieces of the sheep.  The women would make the stew and pick the corn.  They are the 2nd largest tribe in the United States.  The Hopi attacked the Navajos.  They used to be the wealthiest tribe in the U.S.  They eat meat, cornmeal and bread.  The men raised the sheep for food and clothing.  The women made the quilts and the blankets.  They have always cooked in pots. 


       You will like to here about their interesting traditions.  Many Navajo Indians practiced the tribal religion.  They had games called ‘’Chase the meat’’ You would shake the meat in front of the dogs until they would chase you around.  They are known for their expensive blankets turquois jewelry.  Early October they do festivals.  Early October they do powwows. 


       You like to listen to their modern days.  There are 220,000 Navajos today.  They have the largest reservation in the U.S.  They should be one of the wealthiest tribe in America.  About 60% of the Navajos are 24 years old or younger.  They enjoy fishing, hunting, running, hiking, boating, softball, and basketball and a lot of other things.


       I think you will like to here what I have enjoyed.  I have enjoyed learning about the modern day Navajo Indians.  I think the modern day Indians are my favorite because they have really interesting things.  I different than, what we do.  Thought about the women doing the basket dance.  I thought that was I enjoyed learning past and present days.