Did you know that U.S. troops forced 17,000 Cherokee to Oklahoma in a killing winter?  About 4,000 died on the Trail of Tears.  The Cherokee have an interesting history, they ate food that was different than us, and wore clothing not like ours.


       The Trail of Tears is a true story.  It happened in 1838.  Many Cherokee thought they should act like white people so they bought land and built houses like the white people.  After a little while, the white people got nervous and white troops came to force the Cherokee out.  The Cherokee thought it wasn’t fair so they took their case to the Supreme Court, which was established in 1822.  The Cherokee won!  But the Supreme Court had no army to support their decision so the government forced the Cherokee out anyway.  The Cherokee were marched 1,200 in a bitterly cold winter and many died and that’s why it’s called the Trail of Tears.


Have you ever tried chesnut bread or bean dumplings because the Cherokee ate it for traditions always.  The Cherokee hunted deer, bear, wolves, and buffalo for meat.  They also got dogs for meat too.  They ate corn and lettuce for fruits and vegetables.  Chickens and cows and pigs were animals they also ate for meat.  That’s what the Cherokee commonly ate.


       The Cherokee yet still wore different clothes similar to us.  Instead of shoes they wore moccasins.  Deer skin and brightly dyed cotton clothing is what they wore in the summer.  In the winter they wore cloaks to keep themselves warm.  The women wore dresses.  The men wore pants.  So that’s kind of like us.


       I enjoyed learning about the Cherokee Indians.  I thought the Trail of Tears was very interesting and sad.  It was also fun to learn about what they ate and what they wore for clothing.