Ute indians

The Ute Indian Sundance lasts four days and they don’t eat or drink at any time during the dance.  In this report you will find a unique story, where the Ute Indians lived, and the Ute Indian legends.


       I would like to start with a story.  This is a story about Blood Clot.  A man was walking down the road.  He spots some blood in his path.  So, he wipes it up with his shirt.  The next day a child appears.  They name him Blood Clot.  He was a handy kid.  He killed mice and buffalo for the tribe.


       The Utes lived in teepees that were shaped like cones.  The main two places that they lived were Utah and Colorado.  They also lived in Canada.  Here’s cool fact. The Ute Indians gave their name to Utah.  Another place they lived was New Mexico. Most of the Utes lived in North America.


       The Ute Indians were very religious. They called deer “magic dogs.”  How weird is that!  There were two main dances the Ute Indians did.  One was the Bear dance.  The other was the Sundance.


       I hope you enjoyed my report.  I had a fun time learning about the Ute Indians.  In my report you found, history, a story, and some great traditions.