Did you know the Shoshone’s spoke Mexican? Did you also know Sacagwea was a Shoshone Indian. Shoshone Indians had a great history, and ate many interesting food, and lived in different homes that we live in today.


This paragraph is about there history. They lived in Montana, Organ, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. It sounds like they lived in a lot of places. The Shoshone lived some of the dry land the U.S.A.   Many lived on the Fort Hall. Indians revelations became a stopping place for many people travailing on the Organ trial.  Many of the Shoshone’s still live in the Fort Hall.


This paragraph is about what they ate.  Be fore the Shoshone’s had horses they ate root, insects, salmon, small game birds, groundhogs, jackrabbits, and other mammals.  After they got horses they could hunt larger animals. They could hunt larger animals like deer, antelope, mountain sheep, and bears. They hunted bison so much there was almost no bison left. They hunted bison a lot. They had a lot of meat.


This paragraph is about were they lived.  The Shoshone Indians lived in different homes that we live in today.  First they lived in some caves. After that they used animals skin to make tepees.  They even lived in shelter made of poles and grass that was woven together. They had no heat or electricity. There homes were very different then ours.


I learned all about the Shoshone Indians.  They didn’t have very much.  They hunted for their food. They used plants to stay healthy.  They were very happy people. You should all learn about the Shoshone Indians.