Did you know that the Mandan tribe lived in west Dakota over 500 years ago? I learned about their homes, history and traditions.



One tradition is that they go back to North Dakota. (Were they used to live) and then go back home. The parents teach the kids abut the tribe. (So when the kids can tell their kids abut it.)



















Know I will talk about their homes. Their homes were made out of the earth. That means trees, grass, bark, leafs, flowers, rocks and dirt. Would be in the house and in the house or near the house.








This paragraph is about there history. Some or the history I fond out was the Mandan used bullboats to traver on the river. But the thing is that only one, person could go in one.  -













       I like the part that they go back to North Dakota and come back home. (For a tradition)  I like to learn a but the Mandan tribe. I like this report but the it was hard find out about the tribe.