Did you know, that the Apache and Navajo are related to each other and speak a similar language?   I have always wondered what Apache meant, and I’m planning on learning what it means. I was interested in this tribe because of there chief named Jeronimo.  He was the Apache tribe’s greatest chief. The apache tribe has interesting history and interesting role of men and woman that make them how they are today.



         The Apache tribe has interesting history. The Apache tribe lived around New Mexico and Arizona. They wore animal skins and lived in teepees and domes.   In the 18,00s they were known as warlike Indians because they kept raiding the early Spanish.   There are about 5 different Apache tribes in the United States.  The Apaches belong to the southern   Athapascan Lingwsic family. 



         They also have interesting role of men and woman.  Woman would be in charge of collecting food, wood, and water. They also were in charge of making the house. That is crazy because men usually build houses.    The men would go and fight just for there chiefs such as Jeronimo.  The men also went out to raid and hunt.  They weren’t much of farmers; they would just steal food from other farms.  Sometimes men would marry more then once.  The woman wouldn’t sew or any thing like that they would just do chores and cooking. The men’s headdress was made out of deerskin.


Today they still have interesting things they do.  Today Apaches do interesting things, Many Apaches work for cattle and lumber companies that are owned by their tribe.   They gather plants for food and hunt animals.  There are now about 55,000 Apache left and they are still the same as before except they eat a little different kinds of food.  Today   visitors walk on the Apache tribes land.  Now they still live in New Mexico and in Arizona.  Now there are about 12,000 tribe members located on nine majors reservation communities.  Today they like making pottery today; it is one of there best talents.



I enjoyed telling you about my tribe.  Now I want to know about your tribe.  I found out why there name is apache, the word apache means fierce in some tribes language.  Their real name isn’t Apache, The Indians in the Iroquois tribe named them Apache and they do not like it.   You should definitely learn more about my tribe.  I’ve enjoyed being a part of this tribe; I would like to learn more.  The Apache tribe has interesting history and interesting role of men and woman that make them how they are today.