All About the Ute Tribe























          Did you know the Utes use a cannon for football? To find out more, read on. The Ute tribe had an interesting history, unique traditions, and a special legend.



         The history of the Ute tribe is very amazing. The history of the Ute tribe began in the West. Now they live in Utah. They once had a girl chief named Chipeta. The Utes lived in teepees made out of animal skins. They ate bear, deer, elk, beaver, and many more. The Utes were very religious. They lived in the mountains of an area covering about 150,000 square miles. They did pottery, basketry, weaving, and painting. They did painting on hard sand and on big rocks.



The Utes have some very interesting traditions. For example, in football they fire a cannon once every time they get a point. Once it is fired, the cheerleaders run to the end zone and do a pushup. They do a pushup for every point the Utes have scored that game. They also have other traditions like the bear dance and the sun dance. They do these at the end of May. One of them lasted four days.





         The legend of the Blood Clot is very special to the Ute tribe. It started when an old man found a blood clot on the ground. He wiped it up with his shirt and brought it home. The next day a baby appeared. The man thanked the spirits of his tribe. The man named his new son Blood Clot. Blood Clot grew up to be a very good hunter. That is the legend of the Blood Clot.




         I enjoyed reading about the Ute tribe. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I think it’s way cool that they use a cannon for football. I think the Ute tribe had an interesting history, traditions, and a very cool legend.