The Ute’s               


Did you know the Ute’s let the state of Utah borrow their tribe name? During the 20th century the Ute’s hardly worked at all. Did you know the Ute’s called horses magic dogs? I learned a lot about Ute history, Modern Native Americans and their traditions.


The Ute’s live in North America. The Ute’s came to the Rocky Mountains first. Some Ute’s live in Utah. Some other Ute’s lived along the Colorado River. The Ute’s lived in New Mexico too. The Uintah Ute’s inhabited the Uintah Basin, also the Salt Lake Basin.


The Ute’s live on three major reservations in Colorado and Utah. There are about 7,000 Ute’s in the U.S. They live on lots of different reservations. The Ute’s live in the Western U.S. The Ute’s are governed for the most popular vote.

       They have a cool dance called The Bear Dance. They also have the Sundance ceremony. During the Sundance ceremony they don’t eat or drink for four days. The Ute’s do a Sundance. They practiced their flexibility. The Ute’s also traded fish in the winter.




I thought it was interesting how the Ute’s had a bear dance. I had a fun time doing this report. One thing I didn’t know about the Ute’s is there are about is 7,000 Ute’s in the U.S. The Ute’s are a very interesting tribe.