Do you like soup me to have you ever had a soup with beans me to have you ever had soup with grass seeds me nether well you are going to find out something sick kind of.  My report is about the Paiute tribe.  What I learned is what they eat, there history, and role of the men and women.


Trust me you do not want to eat a soup with grass seeds trust me you don’t.  You don’t know how gross it tastes like grass and with ants and it looks like dead spider.


This paragraph is about the role of men and women.  The role men and women is men hunt and women weave.


They eat; fish, roots, seeds and they even eat a dog that’s gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They even made a soup out of grass seeds


They live in Arizona, Utah, California, Nevada, and Idaho. And they only owned a small part of Utah. I even saw a map of it.


They   lived in a house called a brush shelter. It was like sticks standing up and bushes on the stick.  So you learned about what they eat, History, what they live in, the role of men and women