Did you know that the Cherokee language was invented in nine years, when the English alphabet took four thousand years? The Cherokee tribe had a unique history and traditions that made it what it is today.

        The Cherokees had interesting history.  “The Trail of Tears” became the path that the Cherokees followed after they were kicked out of the state. This “event still shapes the lives of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans to this day”(COWBOYS & IND IANS). The Cherokee and many other tribes were forced to move to Oklahoma. The Cherokee are an Iroquoian-speaking people, who settled in the central Southeast. They numbered about 25,000 in the early 1600’s.The name Cherokee is the Choctaw word for an important Cherokee town, Keetoowah. Numbering over 300,000 in 1990,the Cherokee are the largest Native American nation in Oklahoma, but 10,000 remain in the Southeast.



They had unique traditions. Traditionally, there were seven Cherokee clans. There were seven counsellors to the chief. Seven honored women took part in government. The council house was even seven-sided. At the center of the house was the sacred fire. They used seven types of wood.


        They do interesting things today. They eat bean dumplings and chestnut bread. Many of the Cherokees live in northeastern Oklahoma. Wilma Mankiller was born in 1945. Wilma was elected chief in 1987. She was the first woman to be chosen chief. The Cherokees have again became leaders in Indian education, health care, housing, and economic development.

I enjoyed learning about the Cherokees. This report has been fun to lean about the “Sevens” and “The Trail of Tears”. The Cherokees had history and traditions that made it what it is today.