Did you know that the Shoshone Indians spoke Mexican, and they played Bingo? I want to tell you about their history, activities, and what they do today.


This paragraph is about the Shoshones and it is very interesting.  They lived in Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, and Wyoming. Sacajawea was born in Idaho.  In the 1840s 10,000 Shoshones were hunters and gatherers.  In the 1860s they fought a brief war against the Silver Miners so they can defend their homeland.  They ate big horned sheep, antelope, roots, berries, and fish.  A few years later they started eating: rabbits, birds, and seeds


This paragraph is about their activities. Hunting was a game for them.  They sang, danced, and told stories.  They played Bingo too.  They had toys.  They sat around a campfire and ate their favorite foods.  They shot arrows at trees that had targets on them.


This paragraph is about what they do today.  Today, the Shoshone Tribe still dance. The Shoshone Tribe still sing. The Shoshone Tribe still tell stories.  Right now they live in Wyoming. Some Shoshones live in houses and some still live in Tee-pees. They make jewelry and art.


I’ve really enjoyed learning about the Shoshone Indians, and I want to learn about your Tribe too!