Most of Americans greatest warriors and chiefs were Sioux Indians. I knew they had some really cool warriors and chiefs OF COURSE, but I never knew they were most of Americas greatest.  The Sioux Indians had really cool history, legends and games, and they lived in cool times and places 

The history of the Sioux tribe is so cool!  The Sioux Indians did not like the name Sioux because it came from an Ojibwa insult meaning Snake People.  The Sioux includes three main tribes: the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota.  The Sioux Nation consisted 20,000 people in seven different tribes in the Great Plains.  While the Sioux boys and men were to be known to be great warriors the family was known as the key unit to Indian life.  The children were called Wakanisha [Waka, meaning sacredness] were the center of attention.  The Sioux were deeply spiritual people, who communed with the spirits through music and dance. 

The Sioux lived in really cool places.  The Sioux Indians lived in North America (of course).  In America they used to live in what is now Minnesota, but then they moved to South, Dakota.  The Sioux also lived in Lewis & Clark times.  They loved South, Dakota they said they would never leave it. But they ended up just moving all across America. Now half of the Sioux Indians live on reservations the other half live in urban areas across the United States.

The Sioux were most famous for killing George Armstrong Custer. It was known as Custer’s last stand.  In late 1800white settlers and gold seekers took over the Sioux Indians` hunting ground. In early 1980 the U.S.A. had to pay them $105.000 dollars for taking land away.  Then a war happened!! In a few years faced with starvation the Sioux surrendered to the U.S.  The Sioux were and are really cool Indians!  They did and do really cool things.  I feel bad that half of them live on reservations. Most of America’s greatest warriors and chiefs were Sioux Indians.



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