Did you know that the Hopis lived in the Southwest corner of the United States?  They were owned by the Navajos and lived by them on the south east side of the Colorado River.  Some of the buildings that they built were very large.  Some houses were made of adobe.  Other houses were made of stone and mud.  Some of the houses are up to 7 stories high.  The homes are called Pueblos or mesas. Sometimes the Hopis have ceremonies in an underground place called a kiva.  In the center of the kiva there is a fire pit.  They usually use the kiva for 100 years. That’s a long time. 


       They also made really good art.  For example the kachina doll, they make them in many different colors, ribbons, clothes, and materials.   The kachina dolls are messengers of the gods. They also made pots, rugs, and warrior dolls.  The pots and the rugs are in different patterns.  They were very creative.  That’s Hopi art.


















The Hopis wore little clothing because they were in a warm climate.  It also kind of depended on what they did.  If they were working they would were little clothing.  If it was cold they would were lots of clothing.  On some ceremonies men would dress up as kachina dolls.  They dressed up on a lot of ceremonies.  The clothes that they wore sometimes the clothes that they wore signified there fighting skills.


       The Hopis hunted Mammoths until they were extinct.  They hunted buffalo sometimes called bison.  They found wild plants to eat as food when there wasn’t any more bison or mammoths to hunt.  The most common plants were maize, and corn.  The Hopis also grew beans, squash, melons, pumpkins, and fruit. They also grew 24 different kinds of corn. After awhile became the most common food in Mexico.  The Hopis grew similar food from the Navajos. 




















       The Hopis Language was similar to the Shoshonian Language.  People said that the Hopis had alien tongues because they spoke weird.  They called the tongues and language diverse mouths. 

       The Snake Dance is a thing that the Hopis did with snakes.  It is still performed today. It takes two weeks to perform it.  Before they start it they gather lots of snakes.  During the two weeks they tell the snakes what to say when they meet the gods.  After two weeks they release the snakes so they can send the messendges to the gods.  A month later they will gather the snakes again and send new messages to the gods. It is basically like keeping in contact.  Now you know what the Hopis did.  We learned about were they lived, how they made art, what they eat, what they eat, how much clothing they wore, their language, and how to do the Hopi snake dance.