Did you know my tribe, (the Navajo tribe) is the second biggest tribe?  Navajo does not look and sound like what it is written.  It is pronounced Navaho.  With the h sound, instead of the j.   In the next few paragraphs I will tell you about their history, modern Navajo today, what they eat, where they lived, and the roles of the men and women.

  Navajo history is a lot like us today.  I really like this tribe because unlike most tribes they kept their language alive.  The language was called Athapasken.  Let me tell you more about the Navajo history.  They had a very, very long history of problems with neighbors.  Especially the Europeans.  Speaking of neighbors, the Navajo tribe lived in New Mexico, Arizona, and here; in Utah, in houses called hogans.  Navajo are famous for their silver and turquoise jewelry.  I also like the Navajo tribe because they are great at animal care, and love animals.  Just like me.  Sheep rising is still an important part of Navajo life. 

 Modern Navajo are a lot like what we would do. Did you know that there are 200,000 Navajos in the U.S.A today?  They also have the biggest reservation in America.  They should be the wealthiest tribe.  Navajos are a lot like us today.  They shop in the malls, and eat at fast-food restaurants.          


Did you ever eat buffalo?  Navajo did. They ate some kind of bread made of cornmeal, and stews made of meat and chili.  They also ate sheep, buffalo, at a place called a ranch kitchen.

Let’s talk about one last thing.  The roles of men and women are very important.  The men would hold up flags if there were danger.  It would be a sign to the women to bring their children down to the ditch for protection.