This report is about the Navajo tribe. I’m going to   tell you about the Navajo’s history, and what they did, and the rolls of men and woman, and last of all there traditions. 


The Navajo’s are the second largest tribe in the United States. They’ve got about 220,000 people in the Navajo tribe.  They also have the biggest reservation in the United States.


    The Navajo use to steal horses from the Mexicans. They used them to travel. They also raised sheep for the wool to make clothes and blankets, they were

also farmers and raised crops.


    The Navajo’s ate some interesting things.  They used to eat mammoths until they became extinct, then they started eating buffalo. They also ate plants and fruit and vegetables.  I’ll bet they were healthy.


The roles of the men, woman, and children were well defined. The men made tools, hunted and went to war. The woman weaved, made pottery, cooked and took care of the children. The children learned to do

what the parents did.


There was a time when the Navajo were kicked off their reservation.  Were made to walk to Summerfort, Mexico. Thousands of people died, four years later they were allowed to go back. Many of the children were sent to boarding schools, this was a hard time for the Navajo’s.


      In conclusion, I want to end by telling you something interesting.  Their traditions are making kachena dolls for their children. I think they look very cool.  They did really cool sand paintings for the sick.   




      These are called kachena dolls.