Did you know the Sioux tribe is famous for their bravery, political skills, and fighting ability?  I chose this tribe because it sounds very interesting.  What interested me most was their history, modern day life, and what they ate.


The history of the Sioux tribe is absolutely fascinating.  The Yankton, or Nakota lived in Midwestern South Dakota.  They have seven different tribes the: Teton, Nakota, Dakota, Yankton, Lakota, Oglala, and Santee Sioux.  An army troop forced the Sioux to move to a different reservation.  The Lakota, and Teton lived in the western Dakota’s, and in Nebraska.  The Sioux forms both of the groups.  Both of the groups hunted and farmed.


Leaders of the Sioux tribe were Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse.  Red Cloud is a leader of the Oglala, Lakota Sioux.  The U.S. government was going to take their hunting ground, and put a path through it.  Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa, Lakota Sioux one of the Sioux that defeated George Armstrong Custer.  The U.S. officials saw Sitting Bull as a threat.  He was arrested.  Crazy Horse was an Oglala, Lakota Sioux.  He was wounded while being arrested.


The Sioux Indians grew lots of food.  They grew it in farms.  They ate corn.  They also ate apples, which they grew on apple trees.  The men hunted buffalo.  While the women made the dinner over a big fire.  Sometimes, after the men came back from hunting they would eat and dance around the fire.  One of their dances was the Ghost dance.


I’ve really enjoyed learning about all the different Sioux tribes.  I’ve learned some really interesting facts.  I hope I can learn a lot more about the Sioux Indians.  I want to learn about other tribes too.  I would like to learn about the other tribes living around the Sioux Indians.  I really, really like the Sioux Indians.